Rates & Services

European Tower Hunts

GROUP RATES *                                                 


5 BIRDS AND LUNCH    =   $140 / person

6 BIRDS AND LUNCH   =  $160 / person             

7 BIRDS AND LUNCH   =  $185 / person     

8 BIRDS AND LUNCH   =  $205 / person     

9 BIRDS AND LUNCH   =  $225 / person     

10 BIRDS AND LUNCH    =  $250 / person

*All Bird Cleaning, catered lunch, and follow-up field hunts are now included in the rates. Birds will be cleaned and then divided equally between shooters after the hunt.      


Afternoon follow up hunts will begin following lunch. Hunters 

are encouraged to bring your dogs. Those without dogs will 

be provided guides and dogs at no additional cost. 

Tower shoots with open availability and dates will appear on the home page as they come up, please check back soon!

Catered Tower Shoot Menu

Baked herb chicken                       

Green bean casserole

Country ribs                         

Tossed salad


Bread and butter                                

Scalloped potatoes             

Soft drinks



Additional catering options available upon request